Nova Integrated Systems Limited

Electro Optic Design and Assembly Facility

System Integration and Test Facility


As a step to address the critical technology based solutions, NISLhas proactively invested in a state of art assembly and testing facility for various optical system which are Gyro stabilized which finds use in airborne, marine and land application.The facility which is based out of Hyderabad includes various test set up like Otical test bench for alingnment, black body radiation for testing and calibration of IR Sensors, Laser tesing and calibration of IR sensors, Laser testing etc in a clean room environment.



NISL has demonstrated track record of absorbing the technology and delivering on time a two axis stabilised Electro otics systems with integral laser system for the OEM.


The Electro Optic Assembly is carried out in a Clean Room of Class 100,000 by OEM trained technicians and engineers.

LOS station contains collimator and vibration free table for calibrating and testing IR and day cameras. The station is based on the METS-S Collimator, designed to work in 0.4μ to 15μ spectral band for multi-sensor testing such as IR and Day sight Imaging Systems, Laser designator, Laser Range Finder (LRF), and bore sighting.

The Thermal cycling chamber has a programmable temperature cycling capability of +200⁰C to -60⁰C, with a rate of change of 5⁰C/minute. The Vibration Machine operates in Sine and Random vibration mode in a frequency range of 5-3000Hz.