Nova Integrated Systems Limited

New Product Development

System Integration





NISL has the necessary skills and expertise to offer tailor made solutions to its customers. The new product development is carried out through turnkey solutions, integrated system design and niche product solutions. These solutions are provided either independently by our in-house technology or in combination with available COTS and Customized third party products.


The new product development is a consistent capability across our business verticals. The product conceptualization to prototype manufacturing to testing is carried out by our team of experts in our own facilities. Further NISL is keen to enhance and customize its production capabilities as per requirements of the customer for the New Product Development.
Adding to the technical expertise involved for New Product Development, NISL supports the entire product lifecycle including the system integration, field trials, technical documentation, obsolescence management and midlife upgrades.
Key capabilities

•      Adapting to new technology trends to develop innovative products 
•    Introduction of new products within shorter time frames
•    Design evaluation through modeling, virtual prototyping and analysis
•    Adherence to military standards and regulatory requirements
•    Ruggedisation of COTS items to suit stringent military system needs
•    EMI/EMC design and testing
•    Optimization of product performance and optimum development cost.


Business Proposition to customers
•    Improved innovation and product management
•    Reduced product development cycle time and cost
•    Flexibility with wide range of interfaces and Enhanced product performance and functionalities
•    Quicker response to customer feedback  and field data
•    Cost effective integration of COTs modules
•    Scalable architecture
•    Future proof – open system architecture supports future upgrades
•    Integration of all legacy and current systems