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Network-Centric Warfare (NCW) has become central concept for battlefield operations for the 21st century. The success of net-centric operations depends on the robustly networked communication “building blocks” between in-vehicle computers, wireless technologies, and Ethernet switches and routers that link together military vehicles, ships and aircraft into a highly integrated battlefield network. This linking of people, platforms and technologies into a single cohesive network creates a whole that is clearly greater than the sum of its parts. The advent of NCW has spurred the rapid development of Ethernet networking technology, as net-centric operations depend on information exchange platforms that support mature and well-tested protocols, offer seamless data and voice exchange in near real time, and provide advanced roadmaps for future performance.


NISL had developed capabilities to offer fully ruggedized gigabit Ethernet based IP networks with built in redundancy to ensure high availability for the demanding battlefield applications.These networks integrate even legacy PTT Half duplex network radios used by military and provide VoIP based voice communications. Standard analog field telephones can also seamlessly connected to the versatile voice gateways of the network. The networks also support integration with next generation IP based broadband point to multipoint radios. Some of the subsystems developed by NISL for the NCW systems are: